The Bedroom

We go down the hall, past the only bathroom in the house, with its turn of the century fixtures, then past two bedrooms, one at the front of the house and one to the rear, and continue to the upstairs vestibule, where we see the blue, red, and yellow stained glass window. The stairs here return to the main floor.

Ellen White's bedroom is furnished with walnut pieces characteristic of 1900. The bed which she used has a high "Eastlake" headboard. The table, bureau, dressing stand and wash stand have marble tops. It is a comfortable, well-lighted room.

According to Ellen White, her sleep here was often broken a little after midnight, and sometimes before, as the Lord spoke to her in visions while her mind was free from cares and surrounding influences. Seldom did she remain in bed after a vision. She usually dressed and, with kerosene lamp in hand, walked down the long hall to her writing room to record what she had seen. She passed the doors of the two sleeping rooms of her helpers, one on either side of the hall, and the bathroom at the far end on the left.

She reported an extraordinary experience in this bedroom on the night of March 2, 1907: angels sang for her and a voice spoke to her saying, "Fear not; I am your Saviour. Holy angels are all about you." She says she thought she was in heaven and that her work was done. And she wondered, "Is this indeed heaven? Am I one of God's little children and shall I always have this peace?" The Voice replied, "Your work is not yet done." - Testimonies, Volume 9, pages 65, 66.

Feather art (flowers made from feathers) in picture box in bedroom at Elmshaven.
 Bible in Ellen White's bedroom at Elmshaven.



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